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Professional wedding magician & mentalist Jon Finch

Mingle magic wedding entertainment

Make your wedding cocktail hour truly magical with Jon Finch, premier wedding magician in the USA. Jon’s personable manner and charming magic tricks will delight and amaze your wedding guests.

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Jon specializes in close-up magic during cocktail receptions.

As your guests mingle and enjoy drinks, hors d’oeuvres, and conversation, Jon seamlessly performs magic right in the midst of the action.

Cards appear from nowhere. Coins vanish and reappear. Objects change and transform before everyone’s eyes.

Jon reads minds, predicts the future, and leaves your guests wondering “How did he do that??”

Bring magic to your wedding

with incredible wedding magician Jon Finch!

While providing enchanting entertainment for your guests, Jon is unobtrusive and works hard to never take the focus away from the happy couple. He wants your wedding day to be truly special.

Fill out the form below and wedding magician Jon Finch will get back with you within 24 hours.


Wedding magician Jon Finch performs incredible mind reading magic, sleight of hand card tricks, and mentalism that astonish adult audiences. With over 15 years of experience performing around the world, Jon specializes in the events listed below.

Magician mentalist Jon Finch
Wedding magician Jon Finch

Why hire a wedding magician?

  • Add a unique touch. Magic provides a refreshing change from the typical wedding reception activities.
  • Delight your guests. Everyone loves being amazed and mystified, especially at a joyful occasion like your wedding.
  • Create memorable photos. Guests love having magic performed for their wedding photos.

Wedding mingle magic

Contact Jon today to schedule mingle magic for your wedding reception! To book one of the best wedding magicians in the USA, fill out the form below and the magician will get back with you within 24 hours.

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wedding magic shows entertainment

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