Reviews of The Virtual Show

Magic Carpet of Jon Finch’s Clients

We hired Jon for our company virtual event and he just kept surprising everyone. We could never figure out how those magic were made but they were so much fun!

Yifan Zhang, HP (Hewlett Packard)

That was an Amazing show!! The whole team was “flabbergasted” (using their own terms)… It will be definitely something our team will remember for a loooong time.  And we've had many team building events both on site and virtual. This was the best!

Our team has been saying things like “Unbelievable! Do you believe it?” and “jaw dropping.”

Diana Aberion, Gilead

Well that was unbelievable!

We are still talking about it at home and work and trying to come up with theories of how Jon could guess it all ! 😅

Felt super lucky and honoured to be part of the magic !

Pallavi Deshpande, LAB3

Everyone had an absolute blast! He had me with the card tricks, and everything else was just beyond ... it was a fabulous show!

Stephanie O’Connell, Google

We hired Jon for a company bonding experience over Webex and with magic tricks taking place over Webex - I was very skeptical at first but Jon blew my mind! He was incredible, everyone loved him and I enjoyed his dry sense of humor.

Brittany P, Geico

     As a 100% remote company, we are always looking for ways to inject some fun into our team meetings. This was a special occasion though - our virtual Christmas party and required something that would delight the team.
From the moment of enquiry, Jon was super responsive and listened carefully to our requirements.

On the day, Jon 100% delivered a mystifying, engaging and memorable experience for the team. We even got to meet his dog! In fact the show was soooooo good that we are still talking about it 3 weeks later!
If you are unsure whether to book Jon, my advice would be to just do it! You certainly won't regret it!

Holly Pugh, Coterie

Jon's show was SO SO SO entertaining. Highly recommended for any group, especially the "quiet" ones 🙂

Yas Longoria, Mitel

Jon really helped make our event magical! 😊

Rachel Smith, NetApp

Everyone had such a great time when Jon joined the showcase! The inquiries are starting to roll in regarding his services.

Charlene John, Capital One

Really impressive stuff, folks are still talking about it today!

Katie Beach, Next Street

Jon Finch has mastered attention grabbing like I have never seen. This was a group of very skeptical professionals that present to zoom audiences for a living. I know they learned something, I certainly did!

Jennifer Charron, Workday

The tribe was truly impressed with Jon’s skills and left the meeting in complete awe, including myself! The Burning Man trick was just mind blowing!

Staff were reaching out to the Mgmt Team throughout the day wanting to talk about their experience and almost wanting us to tell them that it was rigged and "we were working behind the scenes with Jon."

It was absolutely hilarious! Incredibly grateful to Jon for such an amazing performance and for sharing his gift with us!

Our staff were raving about the event to their participants throughout their sessions last week and now the participants are texting me non stop asking when it's their turn! haha!

Will be scheduling another hour event with 10-15 of our participants.

Shannon Hahn, Level Up Solutions, El Sagundo, CA

We had a fantastic experience with Jon Finch. We have organized a virtual team event with the Miracle Man and the performance went beyond every expectations. Every single person was literally amazed by the performance, simply the best

Mario Tebaldi,

Jon’s show was great - the team thought it was very cool and lots of discussion trying to figure out how he does it!

Laura Palmer, Senior VP, Showtime

He was absolutely brilliant! It was a blast and his show fit right in with the session! I will definitely recommend Jon Finch for future endeavors. I’m still trying to figure out how he did those tricks!

Thank you so much for making the event unforgettable!

Wayne Davis, Procter & Gamble

Jon Finch’s show and whole approach was so fun. Everyone had such a fantastic time. So happy Jon was available and made it so special for everyone. We got really positive notes from multiple people on our team.

Michelle Friedman, CBS

What a mind-blowing/ phenomenal performance! The team had a great time and even Sam was raving 😊. I don’t know how I’m going to beat it at our next event. It was truly a pleasure working with Jon. I’ll be sure to share his work with friends and colleagues!

Lia LaCour, The Aspen Institute

Jon, thanks for a wonderful event. I’ve already received positive feedback from some of the members! Thanks again and hope to include you in the future.

Dale Hunter, ExxonMobil

What an amazing performance today. . .I’ve received tons of praise for his work. . .Jon had these hard-faced engineers smiling.

Jenny Meyer, JEM Advisors

Thank you so much for the wonderful program yesterday! Everyone really enjoyed it. They were delighted by your personality and skill. We are already talking about an agency wide program and I’ve been asked by others as well for your information. I am so pleased that the members enjoyed it and I am really thankful that I found you.

Trisha Mindel, Cancer Thrivers

Jon really brought the fun today!  The feedback I’ve received thus far has been that everyone was entertained and had a good time!

Tammy Young, Walmart

Everyone had an absolute blast, I got lots of great messages after the show!

Jenna Hoenscheidt, Stirista

Jon amazed us and mentally took us away from the stress of the previous month with some great fun. It was great to see Chris, our boss, engaged in the silliness. I hope to see Jon again in the future!

Ying Chen, Sutter Hill

My company hired Jon for a company bonding experience over Zoom and with magic tricks taking place over Zoom - I was very skeptical at first but Jon blew my mind! He was incredible, everyone loved him and I enjoyed his dry sense of humor.

Britany Burnworth, Granicus

I would highly recommend Jon for your next company event especially a virtual event. He is funny, witty, engaging and best of all entertaining. I recommend Jon and would use him again.

Steve Hershkowitz, Virtana

Very cool - not sure how you did it - but I guess that is why it is called Magic!  Well done! Thank you so much for joining our two teams!

Jessica Pappis, Veritas Prime

A fantastic night! 
My friends are still talking about what a great time they had.

Stephanie Sanata

Jon made our client event a success. He did a fantastic job and had everyone engaged, great feedback. We will definitely recommend to other our other colleagues.

Michelle Boyce, Director of Business Development, 1847Financial

Jon joined us on MS Teams and powered through with such composure and professionalism.

I know people enjoyed it quite a lot. I know that I was taken aback by the magic!!

We trust in Jon Finch.

Brenden Bingham, Procter & Gamble

Everyone is still talking about it today. It was a very nice break from the usual Zoom meetings! I haven't seen the group laugh that hard in years.

Matthias Wurth, Ervin & Smith

Jon had the entire audience in awe the whole show! He was able to keep everyone engaged and on the edge of their seats wondering what he was going to pull out of his sleeve next. I'd highly recommend Jon for your next corporate event! Thanks again for the hoot of a time, Jon. I had executives calling me after the show saying how much fun they had / how impressed they were.

Ashley Rutter, GAINSystems

What an awesome show! He blessed us with Many gifts today and we are very appreciative of Jon Finch. I'm surprised how much attention and care he's given this. This isn't a little thing for us, this is clutch time. Jon spent over an hour on the phone before the show to go over everything. On the phone call I could tell he cares deeply about the people he's catering to and how he can use his art to help heal. I think he's a person that loves to heal, it's part of his nature, and this is his way of healing the world. That he spent so much time and attention on our event shows that foundationally Jon is a healer.

We hope Jon enjoyed our time as much as The Many did. Priceless memories!

Robert Longoria, Executive Coordinator, The Many

Celebrating my husband, Deji’s 50th birthday during the lockdown was always going to be challenging! So I arranged a zoom party and invited all our friends. And the icing on the virtual birthday cake was Jon Finch!

He’s brilliant! I still don’t know how he does it! All our guests were in awe!!

This guy is the perfect way to liven up a party.

Wonderful! He really made the day!

Jem Bowen, London, England

Truly one the best experiences and a fantastic way to kickoff the year! I would suggest booking Jon for an event with friends, colleagues or family. My team had such a great time, I'm still in awe.
Easily the best day of my life!

Gabriella McDaniels, Nickelodeon

Immensely thankful for Jon! We had an absolute blast. Exactly what the team needed! Will be sure to sing his praises.

Annie Brown, Associate Director of Marketing, Oscar

It was a tough crowd today and Jon did amazing as usual. Jon made BOTH of my holiday parties something magical!🥳

Kate Kelly, Executive Assistant, Relativity

I received so much positive feedback about Jon’s show! It was something we’ve never experienced before and definitely left us all feeling a bit lighter as we exit the year.  Everyone had a great time and really appreciated all the work he did to make sure it was as such.

Have a wonderful night and Happy & Healthy New Year!

Jessica Dzienius, Spring Mountain Capital, LP, New York, NY 10022

People loved it!

Travis McPeak, AppSec Engineering Manager, Netflix

We invited Jon to perform for our team via a ZOOM call this past week and he did not disappoint. We were all mystified by his entire routine.

His performance is more than just magic tricks or "reading your mind". He masterfully engages the audience with a dry and unique manner that has everyone on the edge of their site from beginning to end.

If you are looking for a fun way to engage your team and have a fun distraction from the normal day to day, then hire Jon Finch and sit back and be entertained.

Ron Callis, CEO and Founder, One Firefly

It was super cool and even the skeptics thought it was amazing! I have referred Jon to a few other teams that have a similar budget for something fun, so he may be hearing from others at Astellas.

Kristen Sichler, Regional Sales Manager, Astellas Pharma

Jon made this a really great, fun experience!! I appreciate the laughter that so needed at this time!!  So thankful for what he does!!

Rebecca Goppe, Executive Assistant, ITW Performance Polymers

Our team absolutely loved having Jon Finch join us for the Halloween party, they still haven't stopped talking about how much fun they had! Fantastic afternoon, and we hope to see him again soon!

Hannah Ressinger, Chief

Cannot thank Jon enough! Everyone was chatting about the show and how he did it hours after the party! He really stumped everyone on the card tricks. Thanks to Jon for making this a very memorable Zoom call!

Codi Farrar

His show was absolutely insane.

Going to send Jon’s name out to a few people internally so that I can share with others the fact that “OMG he guessed the card THROUGH THE COMPUTER what the hell is happening!?”

Jon’s show was a hit with the team for sure and I’m going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how exactly he does this. Above and beyond the pure magic, of course.

Max Brunet, Workday, Montreal, Canada

Everyone had such a wonderful time last night! The laughs were great and the group collectively loved Jon’s wit and style. MANY THANKS to Jon Finch for making our night a great success.

Lisa Roman, Brown & Rudnick

I have had so many texts and calls from the participants who had such a good time, and of course everyone of them asked me "how did he do that?"

Jon left the audience smiling and in awe and did it flawlessly and with such a charming humor!

Lynn Murphy, Island Volunteer Caregivers, Life Enrichment Coordinator

Jon entertained the family with his many incredible talents! Everyone was mind blown with Jon’s predictions! They are a tough crowd, and Jon was incredibly patient throughout. Received lots of good feedback after the call and everyone had a good time.

Thought I would share some feedback from the family. 

  “Jon Finch...brilliant. he wasnt fazed with us. Kept a steady cadence. It was amazing...I mean how the heck did he know Anya's page 42 and innkeeper????”

 “Sheena the entire session was new very creative in your part of inviting Jon - even at my age I am truly blown away by magic jud! He kept the entire diverse age group entertained and engaged ! Brilliant !

Sheena Manek

That was an awesome show and everyone had a great time. Definitely appreciate the extra time Jon gave the party. Have a happy new year and God bless.

Dr. Clyde Collins, Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for providing us with your “magic!” I’m still in awe! Such a fun event! I will definitely keep you in mind for any future opportunities!

Lisa Warnick, Deloitte

Jon gave such a fun performance! Everyone thought he was amazing!! Technical issues on our end were limiting, but Jon was absolutely enjoyable and I’m happy to leave a glowing review for him.

Will definitely recommend Jon Finch to friends, co-workers and the average masked citizen.

Shannon Postle, Davita Kidney Care

So happy that we booked Jon to perform at our happy hour last night! Jon presented an incredible show for our Regeneron clients a week-or-so ago.

We are still talking about how much fun we had! He was awesome!!

I appreciate how easy Jon made the whole process, and I’m hoping we can have him back in the future.

Jenna Strachota, Syneos Health

Thank you for delivering such a memorable show! We appreciate you and the magic you share with others.

Joshua Morris, HealthCare Access Maryland

Jon made it a great event. He really added to the fun and seemed to be having fun with us! It was a blast!

Erika Reed, General Mills

Our team really enjoyed! Jon gave us two great nights of Magic! He masterfully handled the rowdy crowd in a funny and gracious way. Everybody loved him! (And Lynda is still trying to figure out how he did it). I’ll certainly recommend Jon Finch in this weird, new world.

Sybille Brown, VP at TransUnion

It was such a pleasure having Jon join us today!
The show was incredible and people have been messaging me for the past hour to express their amazement.
He did an excellent job.

Thanks again to Jon Finch for a fantastic afternoon!

Matthew Dushkes, Travel Program Lead, Latham & Watkins LLP

“That was awesome!”

Alexis Wolfer, Melbourne, Australia

That's..... Impossible....
The depth of Jon’s skills became clear after we compared notes later.

The show was incredible and had my family & guests laughing out loud and trying to figure out how he knew. I loved it, was the perfect fit! Absolutely great.

That was SUCH a fun event and now I totally believe in magic.

Judd Abramson

Jon was very flexible and accommodating… it was well received, and Jon is the king of magic!

Jerry Stone, CEO, Ampology

Jon joined our happy hour and my mind has been reeling since, with the amazing performance and predictions from yesterday. People are messaging me this morning to talk about it more, as our minds are blown!

We'll be talking about Jon to all our friends and family, I'm sure!

Heidi Alexander Optimal, Kirkland, WA

Everyone had fun and Jon picked on the right people :)  People are talking about the event and “how he did it”. So glad that we hired Jon. Will mention to others as well.

Patti Soch, CFO, Liquibase

Incredible thanks to Jon for such a fun evening with our team!  Everyone really enjoyed it – I believe the exact word would be Superb!

I hope that we can have Jon join one of our team events again sometime in the near future.

Carol Caouette, Alnylam

Jon was great!
The team was abuzz after the call. Don’t know how he does it!

Vinh Le, REA Group

Jon was very gracious and really handled the jokers in the crowd, very well. Everyone had a lot of fun.

We'll do it again in the future but I'm sure he already knows that ;)

Caila Stangl, Public Office Inc., Toronto, Canada

How fantastic was that!?!? Really terrific. Everyone loved it. I can't wait until the next opportunity to have another Zoom Magic party with Jon Finch.
I plan to spread the word as much as I can.

Bill Halmi, Paradise Valley, AZ

We had such a wonderful event, it was great! Everyone had a great time.

Danelle Ben Ari, Tel Aviv, Israel, Panoply

Just got off a zoom event with Jon.  It was so awesome I’d like to book him for another event!


Ari Cohen, Ernst & Young LLP, New York, NY

Jon was amazing and everyone had a great time! Even Ray had fun.
Someone on the call wanted to book Jon to join one of their other group’s zoom call.
So that is a sure sign that people had a good time!

James McLellan, Latham & Watkins, Los Angeles, CA

Jon was SO entertaining! The team really enjoyed it :)

Brittany Simon, Sharecare, Suffolk, New York

it was awesome! We really enjoyed it.

Jared Orkin

Seriously yesterday’s ZOOM show was wonderful, hilarious, and magical (obviously)! Jon genuinely made our happy hour unforgettable and we are so grateful to him for sharing it with us. 

I’ve forwarded Jon’s contact information to a few other groups at my company.

Charley Aldridge, Intouch Proto, Chicago, IL

That was so much fun! Our interns do not know how he managed to pull that off. Jon put on such a successful show.

Hoping that Jon’s 2021 prediction is true…

Allison Kobrick, PJT Partners

Jon performed a great show for us last night! Rick has been talking about what a great time he had all day, so we accomplished our mission :)

His friends are quite the group. Jon was very patient amongst the shenanigans!

Cheryl Kemp, Chicago, IL

OK, so this was off the chart. Our group of skeptics were pretty amazed!  Jon's magic was fun, imaginative and to this day... mind boggling.  HOW, how, how did he do that??  The great feedback is pouring in.

Ruth, Philadelphia Ethics Society

Jon is amazing! Dilan loved you. He was incredible! Really! Not easy to captivate a bunch of 13 year olds but he did!

And it was amazing for us to have all these different relationships in one space. Some of those kids have been friends for 13 years.

Thanks again! And Bourne identity?’ How??!  Seriously though, Jon is fantastic and I would def hire him again.

Cara Robbins, CEO, The Switch VR, New York City, NY

Jon performed for us on Thursday night — we had a great time and it was such a memorable birthday!

Lauren Haas, San Diego, CA
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Jon gave a fantastic performance! The team loved it and had a great time. It was a much needed event during this tough times.
Best of luck for the rest of 2020!

Sarah Badun, Bain & Company, Inc.

Thank you thank you thank you for entertaining our team and all the best for 2021!

Megan, Street Diligence

People had lots of fun despite some of the hiccups!

People enjoyed the performance and we were glad to have Jon Finch!

Lee Mansfield, Improbable

That show was AMAZING! We are blown away and loved everything. And the boys loved being part of the show too. Jon put on a fantastic show! And over zoom which made it more challenging but not any less exciting. He was great with my young nephews and also amazing for the adults. I would highly recommend Jon and use him again in the future. We are big fans of magic and were blown away by his tricks. Very professional.

Thank you so so much.
Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you

Katie Buckley, Indianapolis, IN

Andy Kauffman would be proud. I only wish you could see the group chat thread. It was awesome

Elizabeth Rooney, Senior VP, Intouch Solutions

Jon was great! Everyone had an awesome time!

Michal, Newark, NJ

Jon did such a great job of entertaining us during our Zoom Happy Hour tonight!  We were truly entertained and astounded with what he did!  I work for a very large insurance agency and I am going to recommend him to our meeting department for the future.

Janet Szalontay, Miami, FL

Jon made it a great night! Everyone was texting after about how fun the show was, a real hit. We appreciated his sense of humor, as well and that he picked up on Aaron's personality, ha  :)

And the clip he sent afterward was perfect! Forwarding to Chris, now...

Mariana Tuma

Loads of thanks to Jon! We had a blast! Such a fun evening of laughs and entertainment!

Anna Elwood, Teachable

I am still thinking over a couple of the tricks and wondering how he did it!  It was such a fun night!

Stacie Kidwell, Sandcastle Real Estate, LLC

That was great. I don't know how he knew I was thinking of World War II.
Impressive. Great job, Jon!

Marla Ranieri, BetterPT

That was great!! So happy Jon joined us!

Mike - my oldest brother wants to hire him for one of his work zoom calls.

Margaret Ritz

Jon’s performance in the Zoom room was phenomenal! Very cool and we’ve received great feedback from the group.

Josh Czuper, Transamerica

Jon gave us a very fun time today!  Paul [the president] called me right after to say how much he enjoyed it and thanked me for finding Jon Finch 😊

Lisa Reaves, Peterson Companies

I had such a great time and so did all of my friends! We can’t stop talking about some of the tricks that he did!

Hopefully see him in person at some point!

Amy Leroux

Everyone enjoyed it. Especially happy about the change to something light and fun like this. :)

Abdur Chowdhury, CEO, Aura Frames

Wow!!! That was INCREDIBLE! Jon MADE the birthday party!

If you're looking for a Magician, look NO further than Jon Finch! (I'm sure he's even better in person but we experienced him during Covid)
We're in Cali and we just shut back down again because of Covid. So, I organized a Zoom call for my husband's 36th birthday.
I found Jon on Google and when I tell you... we had a Zoom room of over 30 people and I got soooo many texts afterwards saying this was the best Zoom party they've ever attended …
Jon did some seriously INCREDIBLE tricks.. he was guessing the correct playing cards in about 5 different guests' hands VIRTUALLY!! Including ours!! And that's just the beginning!
Zoom parties where not everyone knows each other can be awkward but we didn't have to worry about anything. He has a great personality that cracked everyone up. And the best part is we had people with kids as well as older adults and his show worked for ALL OF THEM!
I can't recommend him enough. Book him for your next event. You won't regret it!

Yvonne Senat Jones, Long Beach CA

Our friends and family are still talking about Jon’s performance during Bob’s birthday party!

Lois Paul, Virginia

Everyone had a great evening and enjoyed the show.

Colleen DiGiambattista, McKinsey & Company

I am getting so many comments about how much fun everyone had! Jon was very patient even despite our technology issues! Kim is truly baffled!

LuAnn Monnig, COA of Southwestern Ohio

Jon was AMAZING!! We had an awesome time. He led a great event and, and Jacque might be his new biggest fan!

Deanna Hoskins, VP, Sales & Marketing, Sunoptics

First, Jon is amazing! I sincerely appreciate him for making my 40th one to remember. Everyone enjoyed the show and was pleasantly surprised by Jon’s craft.

PS. I am still trying to figure out how he managed Leslie's act.
People are still scratching their heads....


HUGE thanks to Jon for a unique and highly entertaining evening - everyone had a magical time! The entire show was a huge success, but the card guessing in particular left everyone in awe.

Mark Shapiro

Jon gave a great performance last night.  9th-grade boys are not the easiest group to engage, but he did a great job.

Carolyn Lamphier

It was a great night and everyone really enjoyed themselves!  We didn’t get to see the dice trick… maybe we can see that one next time 😊. 

One of our largest groups at HBR was looking to see what Jon’s availability looks like the week of October 26.

Jennifer Grant, HBR Consulting

What an amazing show! Truly, it was great!

Ellie Franz, HighRadius

Jon put on such an amazing show!!! I received so many compliments and the staff is still in awe!

Kimberly Araujo, Latham & Watkins

Jon delivered such a great performance! He truly left some of them astonished with his magic. Truly a memorable meeting!

Alexandra Matthews, The Friedkin Group, Houston, TX 77077

We had a blast! My husband was truly surprised and even caught a little off guard! He very much enjoyed Jon’s dry sense of humor and we were all amazed by his tricks. Definitely memorable. I also loved that we could include friends and family from around the world and I didn't even have to tidy up the house (always looking out for the COVID silver linings).

Leah Schafer

That was GREAT! My mom called right away to say how much fun she had. Mission accomplished. My son Joe said it was “solid” and is trying to deconstruct Jon’s math.

Pete Schwab

Everyone had such a fantastic time. So grateful Jon was available and made it so special for everyone.

Katy Sacks, New York, New York

We loved it!  It was a perfect mix of sarcasm, wit, charm, and of course.. amazing magic! Jon rocks…

I’ve already received two emails so far…  

First one said … “totally creeped out”

Second one said … “He freaks me out”.

Stacey Loflin, NCPA

We had a blast!!

Sabrina Wine, Andworx, LLC

He rocked it!

The kids were amazed and dumbfounded by Jon Finch! Mission accomplished!

Audie Lenkov, Sierra Canyon School

I had breakfast with Nisar this morning who told me he didn't sleep because his mind kept spinning as he tried to crack the code to your magic! I would say you set a new bar — he's not easily impressed.

Erin Sherbert, Salesforce

Appreciate Jon taking time and being a part of the event!
A wonderful time during the holidays.

Sean Goldfinger, Builtin

That was so fun - everyone had a great time and are now all sitting around trying to replicate his tricks :)

Susannah Saunders, Yext

The show was great and the team had a lot of fun with all the tricks. Very entertaining indeed!

Vivek Ashok, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), Washington DC, USA

That was a lot of fun!

Courtney M. Cohoon, First American Title

Very much appreciated Jon helping us out.
We are BLESSED to have had Jon join our great team of folks.

Bernie Borschke, Pathways Counseling Center

I know the team had a great time. Appreciate it.

McLain Faett, Radicle

It was a great way to spend an evening. Everyone had fun! So can you give me a hint of how you knew my card was the 5 of Hearts? That was wild!

Pamela Weiss, Fort L.P. Hedge Fund Firm

Incredible performance! Henrik and everyone was blown away. I especially appreciated how well Jon handled some of the more “curious” boys.

Nadine Kim

The team loved it!

Geoffrey M. Parker, Tricida

Jon made it happen despite the last minute booking! Love his humor and had a really good laugh – he really brightened up the event 😊

Fabian Hielscher, InnoGames Hamburg Germany

The team really enjoyed it. It was a great way to get everyone’s minds off of work for a bit.

Kristin Kusmer, EyeMed

That was fun!

Yan Chiou, Amazon

The team had a great time!!

Pam Rutherford, Walmart

Just wrapped our RingCentral meeting. Jon Finch was hilarious, and great finish. Everyone is still trying to figure out how that worked.

Ryan R. Jerome, CEO, Kensiemae, LLC

Matt had a leadership call this morning and they were trying to figure out how Jon pulled it off. Even questioned whether it was real. It was a riot listening to them.

Diane Clark, Redhat

We had a blast!!!

Sabrina Wine, Andworx, LLC

We had so much fun and I got an email and phone calls from clients letting me know how much they enjoyed it! You certainly have a unique style and I will be recommending you to other people who do what I do!  I hope to work with you again!!

Debra Paraskiewicz, Ameriprise Financial

That was GREAT! My mom (Nanya) called right away to say how much fun she had. Mission accomplished. My son Joe said it was “solid” and is trying to deconstruct your math.

Pete Schwab

Thank you so much for two great nights of Magic!  Our team really enjoyed and I appreciate you and your time.  I hope you have a great weekend and stay safe!

Natasha Moiguer, Tinuiti

Great fun for three generations, and we all thank you for making our Zoom family reunion so special.  Everyone had a GREAT time. Particular thanks for the "post-game show," which was a real winner!

Linda Levy

That was a lot of fun!  My Dad really enjoyed it. I’m going to speak with my employer about using Jon Finch for a corporate event.

Ian Sexsmith

We had a great time! ;O)

Rachelle Cull, Salesforce

What a great night! We all really enjoyed it. I’ll make sure to let others in the program know how much fun we had.

Kendall Haberer, Capital One

Thank you for making the night magical!  The team & their families really enjoyed it.

Brandy Butler, Ontrak Health

It was great to have Jon at our event. He made it memorable! I look forward to the next time we can have him.

Deven L. Crane, Incentive Solutions

The team couldn't stop talking about everything that had happened after Jon Finch disappeared!

Elizabeth Czechanski, PWC

I didn’t see any of those coming.  The book one was mind boggling.   I really enjoyed that and it was a great way to start the day.

Florence Henderson, Moody’s