Virtual tradeshow

A virtual tradeshow is an online event that aims to connect exhibitors with buyers in a virtual exhibition hall. Key features of a virtual tradeshow are given below.

  • Virtual exhibit booths – Companies can showcase products/services through a customized virtual exhibit space with images, videos, documents etc. Attendees can browse these booths.
  • Networking – Attendees and exhibitors can connect through text, audio and video chat features. Some platforms allow 1-on-1 video meetings to be scheduled.
  • Presentations and workshops – Educational sessions, product demos, keynotes, panels etc. can be delivered through video conferencing tools.
  • Gamification – Some virtual tradeshows incorporate gamified elements like scavenger hunts, contests, leaderboards etc. to engage attendees.
  • Live support – Organizers, exhibitors and sponsors can communicate with attendees through live chat and messaging.
  • Analytics – Data and insights on attendee engagement and behavior can be gathered through the virtual platform.

A key benefit to virtual tradeshows over in person trade shows is expanded reach and accessibility.

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