Hybrid event

A hybrid event combines both virtual and in-person elements to engage both remote online and in-person onsite attendees simultaneously. Ten key features of hybrid events are listed below.

  • In-person component at a physical venue for local attendees with space/safety precautions.
  • Virtual component streamed online for remote attendees via a virtual event platform.
  • Options for attendees to join either in-person or virtually based on location and preference.
  • Shared content and unified schedule across in-person and virtual experiences.
  • Presenters delivering sessions to a combined physical and remote audience.
  • Opportunities for both in-person and virtual attendees to interact and network.
  • Potential for simulcasting or alternating content streams for in-person and virtual audiences.
  • Integrated technologies like live-streaming, video conferencing, virtual chat, mobile apps, etc. to bridge the physical and digital components.
  • Dual staffing model of onsite event managers and remote event moderators.
  • Robust internet connectivity and AV setup required in the physical venue.

The goal of hybrid events is to expand audience reach and accessibility, while retaining the live interactions of physical events. Challenges include technology requirements, higher costs, and complex logistics.

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