Virtual sales meeting

A virtual sales meeting is a meeting between sales teams, managers, and leadership that takes place remotely using video conferencing and collaboration technology instead of meeting in-person. The 8 features of a virtual sales meeting are listed below.

  • Presentations and product demos shared via screen sharing. Allows new products, sales initiatives, promotions etc. to be introduced virtually.
  • Sales training and workshops conducted remotely through interactive sessions. Can include exercises, case studies, role playing, etc.
  • Virtual whiteboarding and visualization tools to collaborate on sales strategies, campaigns, pipelines, forecasts, etc.
  • Breakout rooms or groups for specialized team meetings and brainstorming sessions.
  • Polls, Q&A, surveys to gather instant feedback and increase engagement.
  • Networking opportunities through informal video chat rooms or sessions.
  • Recording meetings for future review or to share with absent team members.
  • Analytics and data on meeting engagement.

The goal of a virtual sales meeting is to boost productivity and morale, while saving travel time and costs. Virtual sales meetings allow for more frequent communication and training across globally distributed sales teams.

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