Virtual job fair

A virtual job fair is an online event where employers and job seekers can connect and network for recruitment purposes, similar to an in-person job fair. Key features of a virtual job fair are given below.

  • Company booths – Employers can set up virtual booths to showcase information about their organizations and open positions. These usually include company descriptions, photos/videos, job listings, and downloadable brochures.
  • Live chats – Candidates can video chat or instant message with recruiters in real-time to ask questions and learn more about opportunities.
  • Virtual networking – Informal networking sessions or social lounges allow for broader connections between candidates, recruiters and sponsors.
  • Presentations and panels – Employers can highlight their companies culture, benefits, hiring process through pre-recorded or live video presentations and panel discussions.
  • Resume reviews – Recruiters may offer virtual resume reviews and feedback to candidates through the platform.
  • Scheduling – Integrated calendar tools allow candidates to schedule 1-on-1 video interviews and assessments with recruiters.
  • Analytics – Employers can gather data on candidate engagement and interest to improve their hiring strategies.

The goal of a virtual job fair is to connect job seekers with employers in an online format that is more easily accessible to a wider audience of candidates and employers.

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