Experience a mind-bending virtual mentalist show by Zoom Mentalist Jon Finch.

 Ever wondered if someone could read your mind? Enter Master Mentalist Jon Finch, the detective of your deepest thoughts. Forget capes and clunky crystal balls – Master Mentalist Jon Finch’s mind-bending virtual mentalist show is like a high-speed Wi-Fi connection straight to the mysteries of your noggin.

With a flick of his brow and a twist of his words, Finch dares to venture into the murky waters of your team members’ minds, revealing secrets they didn’t even know were there. Grab your tin-foil hat because this spectacle of thought-reading promises to inject a dose of fun and excitement into your virtual event.

Your thoughts are his playground, and he’s ready to play.

These world-class brands chose Master Mentalist Jon Finch not just for a mentalism show but for an experience transcending the ordinary.

“It was great!"
Travis McPeak, Netflix
“He got even the most cynical of our team to participate and be amazed at what he could predict, the energy in the Zoom room was like no other virtual meeting. Everyone on our team has been talking about it ever since… If you want something that engages your team and is a ton of fun, hire Jon.”
Tracy Emory
Executive Assistant, Amazon
“Jon Finch has mastered online attention grabbing like I have never seen. This was a group of very skeptical professionals presenting to zoom audiences for a living. I know they learned something!”
Jennifer Charron
Innovation Strategy, Workday
“Everyone had an absolute blast!"
Stephanie O'Connell
Account Executive, Google
mentalist magician jon finch

 Prepare to have your skepticism shattered.

This Zoom mentalist incredible mind powers virtual meeting performer keeps virtual attendees engaged

  Prepare to have your mind delightfully blown by Master Mentalist Jon Finch’s virtual mentalist show. He won’t hack your email or guess your Pinterest password, but he’ll amaze you with his uncanny mind-reading, jaw-dropping mental feats, and illusions — all from the comfort of your living room.

Jon isn’t just another guy with a deck of cards. He’s a mental marvel orchestrating a symphony of psychological sorcery. Skeptics and believers alike will question whether the brain and the internet are secretly conspiring. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of mental mischief that you’ll be tweeting about long after the mentalist Zoom call ends. 

Enjoy the virtual magic and mind reading from home

 Your mind is the main event. Prepare to be spooked by Mentalist Jon Finch, the miracle man who knows your thoughts  from a thousand miles away.

Jon Finch brings his mind power to your living room, turning ordinary meetings into an extraordinary experience. This virtual mentalist show promises to be a mesmerizing ride into the unknown.

What is virtual mentalism?

Imagine knowing what your cat’s thinking or where you left last week’s missing sock. Finch’s thought-reading antics and sleight-of-mind wizardry combine his quirky dry comedy with bizarre, unsettling, and riveting mentalism for discerning grown ups. You’ll see your colleagues looking around their homes checking for cameras, and questioning reality. 🌟🧠✨ 

World-Class Interactive Entertainment for Virtual Events

Your deepest secret, unspoken wish, and even your last grocery list get pulled out of your mind — real magic for virtual events.

The Wi-Fi wizardry of Jon Finch is so potent not even a VPN can save you. Finch brings his mesmerizing mental feats straight to your living room.